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Business Background

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1.  How long have you been in franchising?

We developed our Franchise this year using the services of Franchise Link who are Franchise Consultants affiliated to the British Franchise Association.


2.  How many franchised businesses are you running at the moment?

We are in the process of setting up our Pilot Franchises.  This offers a unique opportunity to join us at an early stage.


3.  What are the addresses of these businesses?

As they are established, we will send you a list.


4.  May I interview any number of these franchisees? And may I choose whom I interview?

Yes of course you can to both questions. However, you must understand that these Franchisees are independent business people and so may be very busy. I would suggest that you let us know who you would like to speak to and we will ask them to let us know when it would be convenient for you to call. We will provide that feedback to you.


5.  What does your head office organisation consist of?

We are a two partner practice of operational accountants, so we understand exactly what each franchisee faces.


6.  Can you demonstrate your capacity to provide the necessary follow-up services?

We have been in business, prior to Franchising, for more than 10 years years and have developed robust systems that enable us to operate our business efficiently. Having said that, we are always striving to improve. Our Franchise network uses those same systems, which link into our main computer. We are able to spot any problems very quickly in order to help you.


7.  May I take up your bank reference?

Yes but you would have to pay any bank charges associated with obtaining that information. Our accounts are filed at Companies House and so you could go on line to look at them.


8.  Are there any other referees whom I may approach?

What do you mean by this? If you wish to talk to our suppliers, I am afraid that is not possible, as we would never divulge our supplier list until a potential Franchisee has signed our Franchise Agreement


9.  How many business failures have been experienced by your franchisees?



10.  On what basis do you choose your franchisees - how selective are you?

We have a strict and rigorous procedure that every prospective Franchisee will undergo. We have clear views as to the type of people we wish to join us. As part of our process, we will not only ask you some demanding questions but will also be testing you to see if you are suitable for self employment. Finally, we will be seeking references from you as well as wanting to know all about your financial status – just as you are wishing to do with us.