The Modern Accountant's Franchise



What we are looking for


We are looking for strong Accountants to strengthen and expand our offering to clients, whilst growing your own business opportunity.


The key attributes of a successful franchisee are:













Why clients choose us


When you sign-up with My Controller, you receive more than an Accountant, you acquire a Financial Controller for your business and only pay for the areas of focus you truly require.


We offer:
















Key objectives for franchisees























Each franchisee will establish their

practice within an exclusive area

with access to approximately

5,000 local businesses.

General Frame
  • ACCA, ACMA, ACA qualified

  • Ambitious self-starter

  • Client focused at all times

  • Able to understand the importance of the Balance Sheet

  • Able to demonstrate the ability to manage multiple priorities and stakeholders

  • Able to control conversations but possess good listening skills

  • Analytical and able to effectively communicate results & recommendations

  • Understand the business model and it’s impact on profit and cash

  • Enjoy learning

  • A personal service to every customer and have the experience to both meet and exceed their requirements.

  • A monthly fee structure enabling effective cash-flow management and avoid lump-sum payments

  • Regular updates via reports and updates (phone or face-to-face) to ensure you are in control of your business and can track progress.

  • Peace of mind as a result of taking control of key deadlines and the accuracy of our information

  • Regular updates regarding the latest tax rules and regulations (and opportunities there of) which continuously evolve

  • An up-to-date source of information and access to a network of expertise across the board.

  • Develop and provide the infrastructure and business plan required to create a successful Accounting and Tax Practice

  • Establish a training and development plan to help you grow your business, take advantage of opportunities and grow the account value of each client in an ethical way

  • To provide direct and on-going contact with experts within their respective fields of:








  • To provide direct access to the latest industry news and developments and guidance notes on key subject areas to utilise within your business

  • Accounting

  • Taxation

  • Human Resources

  • Legal

  • Marketing

  • Sales

Sales Training


One of the critical factors for success will be the sales ability and commercial acumen of each franchisee.  


To build this up and strengthen the delivery of the pitch to win new business

regularly, we will run courses and implement plans which are designed to:

  • Help you understand your own Sales Cycle

  • Demonstrate how to take a commercial approach with both potential and existing clients in order to strengthen the proposition for both parties

  • Show you how to generate your own leads

  • Teach you how to progress a Sale

  • Avoid the ‘Quality Give-Away’ scenario

  • Deliver fantastic customer service to improve client retention

  • Ensure you have access to a network of expertise to meet client needs

IT Infrastructure


As a franchisee you will gain access to software packages and knowledge banks to manage your day-to-day responsibilities such as:

  • SAGE

  • Microsoft Office

  • Customer Relationship Management tools

  • Email client (accessible via PC & mobile)

  • Network access for file management and back-ups

Knowledge Base


As a franchisee you will automatically have access to the My Controller Knowledge Base, providing access to:

  • Our online and hard-copy library of information

  • The latest breaking news from our industry

  • Regular taxation updates

  • Access to Guidance notes

  • Benchmarking reports

  • Tax helpline

  • Free seminars



My Controller have negotiated exclusive rates with Digity marketing consultancy to ensure your start-up Marketing Plan is implemented and opportunities are maximised.  You will benefit from:

  • Database of 5,000 businesses to market to via your marketing plan

  • Customised profile for your franchise within the main My Controller website

  • Ability to run search engine marketing campaigns to attract local business

  • Suite of promotional materials

  • Business cards

  • Stationery pack

  • Brochures (electronic and printed)

  • A range of Marketing templates

We're offering a fantastic opportunity for those who would like to take the My Controller service out to other regions and capitalise on the existing, proven infrastructure for client acquisition, service delivery and client retention.


We've pulled together the below summary of the key areas within our offering:

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