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33.  What will happen if I do not like the business? Upon what basis can I terminate the contract?

We would be very disappointed if you did not like the business as you would have spent considerable time examining us as a business opportunity and we would have assessed your suitability. In such a case though, you would not be allowed to close the business but you could begin the process of selling it having informed us beforehand.


34.  Who will be my link with you after I have opened for business?  Can I meet some of your staff?

We have different people that focus on each aspect that you will require.  This ensures that you speak to the people with the greatest level of expertise and you will meet all of them as part of the selection and on-boarding process.


35.  What point of sale and promotional literature do you supply and what do I have to pay for it?

This is all worked out as part of creating your business plan.


36.  What will be the opening hours of the business?

Your hours of trading very much depend upon a number of factors – your competition and what hours they trade and the number of hours needed to realise your business goals.


37.  Will I own the equipment necessary to operate the business when I have cleared the finance company?

Yes you will.


38.  How soon will I have to spend money on redecorating the business premises?

This will depend on any redecoration clause that may or may not be in your lease agreement. We would expect you to keep a smart appearance at all times.


39.  How soon will I have to spend money on replacing equipment?

It is difficult to say.  Most of your equipment will be computers and we estimate that these last around 3 years.


40.  Will you find me a site or do I have to find it?

Initially, we would ask that you search for your premises using our guidelines. Should you not be able to find suitable premises and assuming that we have searched with you as well, it may be that a commercial estate agent be appointed to assist in that search. Assuming that you do find suitable premises, we would like to visit it and to check for its suitability based upon our knowledge of the market.